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Soil Care & Fertilization

Roughly 80% of lawn, plant and tree health problems begin with unhealthy soils. Ontario is home to mainly alkaline soils and urban residential properties soil often become compacted. Green Fox specializes in a holistic approach that combines monitoring the health of your lawn, plants and shrubs as well as the trees on your property. At Green Fox we are able to take soil samples and provide a custom profile for your property based on lab analysis. Healthy soil builds healthy landscapes with lawns and trees less susceptible to disease, insect damage or hazardous weather. When your property blooms better and grows faster, it’s curb appeal is raised and your home’s value increases.


Green Fox takes care of the Chemical, Biological and Physical needs of your soils. Combining organic nutrients and building blocks with proven tools and techniques our team will ensure a healthy balance of nutrients and minerals, pH, fungi and organic matter as well as an even distribution of soil density, aeration and texture.

Soil Care & Fert

Insect & Disease Managment

Using an integrated approach, Green Fox manages plant diseases and dangerous insects that can destroy the aesthetic value of your home, as well as the the health of your trees and lawn. After creating ideal soil systems for your plant life to thrive, our team is able to control the negative effects of pests and disease with properly assessed and timed treatments from first bloom and through each developmental stage of your home’s growing season. Offering organic and biological controls as well as chemical compounds with varying modes of action, our experts in plant health at Green Fox will ensure that invading pests are not able to majorly damage your landscape. Left untreated a pest or disease will not only ruin the natural beauty of your property but will damage your tree to the point where a removal may become necessary, as well as increase the risk that the issue will spread to other trees on your property or the trees of your neighbors.

Insect & Disease Maagement

Emerald ash borer & Other Injections

Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive species that has destroyed over 80% of the Ash trees in Toronto and the GTA area. The insect’s larvae burrows beneath your trees bark, damaging it’s vascular system. Left untreated, an infected Ash tree will deteriorate quickly and the pest will spread to all trees in the surrounding area. The only way to combat EAB is through a systemic insecticide administered via injection. Let one of Green Fox’s expert Plant Health Care Professionals perform a free canopy assessment and outline your protection plan free of cost. Green Fox offers a variety of other systemic injections to fight off infestations of all types of damaging insects as well as mitigate root system damage and ground water drainage issues.


Trees provide lasting natural beauty, they shade your property in the hot summer months and mature trees increase the value of your home. Not only do trees benefit your family and your property, but they also benefit the environment by reducing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We plant a tree for every property we service at Green Fox and we can’t wait to assist you with site selection, preparation, and your tree species and characteristics. Call us today and let’s get planting!  


Cabling and bracing

Cables and brace rods reduce the risk of failure in weak branches and multiple stems. They are built with durable steel and anchor to bolts installed in the upper crown of your tree. They limit the movement of the supported branches so they are less likely to fail during storms, providing a rigid structure against the twisting motion that comes with the heavy winds of ice storms. Structural supports must comply with industry standards and should only be installed after an analysis by a certified Arborist. Any installed system should be monitored annually. A damaged or weak limb may not always be obvious so if you are concerned about a tree on your property, our team will provide a free assessment. 

Cabling & Bracing


Mature Trees need to be maintained physically, just like soils need to be maintained chemically and biologically. If your trees are reaching a little too far, reach out to Green Fox and one of our teammates will assess your trees and communicate with you to make a plan to get from overgrown to green. A healthy tree’s growth should be balanced. If you are seeing dead or hanging branches, then it is time to call in the pros! Pruning is an essential part of the tree care process. Care must be taken to ensure that your trees strike a balance between the esthetics that you want and the maintenance that your tree needs. A well maintained tree lives longer and has an increased resistance to pests, disease and storm damage. 



Stump Removals

When all else fails and a tree has reached the end of it's life cycle, it must be safely removed. In specific circumstances trees must also be removed while they are still healthy if they could potentially damage landscapes or other property. Whether you are making room for new construction or looking to increase the amount of sunlight available to your gardens, shrubs and landscapes below call Green Fox. A trained professional will come to you and help make a plan to safely remove your trees or grind down your unsightly stumps. Removals can often be dangerous and require specialized equipment and skill sets. Working near homes, in tight areas or near utility lines can lead to further complications so make sure that you have the right plan for the job!

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