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weed control

Keeping your lawn healthy and looking it’s best is a full time job. Our full time job! Let our team of certified experts at Green Fox handle unsightly or harmful weeds on your property with their expertise, proven methods and certified safe products. Using properly calibrated and inspected equipment, our technicians ensure the proper amount of active weed killing ingredient gets to the right place. When included as a part of your property’s tailor-made growth and maintenance program, Green Fox will leave you with a lawn that you’ll be proud of. We guarantee it!    

You’ve got a beautiful lawn, don’t let broadleaf weeds get in the way of you and your family enjoying it.

Tips for Optimized Safety and Effectiveness


Green Fox takes every measure to ensure the safety of our technicians, as well as our clients. Our products comply with all relevant Health and Environmental Regulations and are certified safe to use as contact weed mitigators (the product must make physical contact with the weed to be effective). By law, our products have been tested by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency and all applications are carried out by one of our licensed Botanists.


We take pride in our work! To ensure the maximum efficiency of our services, please:

  • Keep off of treated turf areas until the product has dried (Generally 2 to 4 Hours). 

  • The product is rain ready within 3 hours, however extensive watering should be reserved until the day after treatment.

  • Wait 24 to 48 hours to mow your lawn to ensure that the weeds have completely absorbed the product.

  • Improving the overall health and quality of your lawn is a process and will take multiple applications and service calls to bring out it’s full potential.

  • Combining strong Cultural Practices such as proper mowing and watering with Green Fox’s aeration, fertilization, and seeding programs will have your lawn looking it’s best as quickly as possible.  

Weed Control


Healthy nutritious soils make for healthy nutritious lawns and outdoor living spaces. Prevention is the best medicine. Fertilization and maintenance are the easiest way to keep your lawn looking it’s best. Not only will a healthy fertilized lawn grow green and lush more quickly, it’s improved health will make it more resistant to weeds, inhospitable weather and growing conditions as well as damage from insects.


Fertilization by Green Fox is built on the big 3 nutrients that all plant life thrives on: Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. In addition to balancing your NPK requirements Green Fox also offers custom soil profiles for your property in order to create custom blends to improve pH levels as well as micronutrients to specifically improve your soil and lawn. 

Once balanced, your lawn will be ready to grow this season. With the proper nutrients, come deeper, stronger roots, lush growth and vibrant green hues. Your plants and lawn will be able to use energy more efficiently, making them more resistant to heavy foot traffic


Core Aeration

Core Aeration is a great place to start every year for a healthy kick start to the growing season. It is a simple process with big returns for the ease and effectiveness of treatment for the rest of your season. After a long winter being covered by heavy sheets of snow and ice, in addition to other factors that come standard with urban green spaces, your lawns and soils become compacted. 


Compacted soils make nutrient absorption more difficult as well as hinder root growth. Without aeration the thatch layer of your lawn will be more susceptible to Crab Grass and pressure from insects and disease.


Aeration removes soil cores and thatching and allows larger supplies of air and water to reach the sub-surface. As the cores break down they distribute micronutrients that combine with the additional air and water to provide your lawn with a natural and completely organic boost. 

Core Aeration


Protecting your lawn takes seasonal care and maintenance. Often the same patches or areas cause a lot of the issues to a home owner’s lawn year after year. This is because thin, stressed or damaged areas of your turf are the most susceptible to new or recurring insect damage and weed growth. Adding fresh grass seed to troubled areas gives your lawn a chance to grow what you want and keep out what you don’t.  


There are many types of grass and the majority of seed blends consist of Kentucky Bluegrass, Fescues and Perennial Ryegrass. Each has a unique grow time and based on your needs the ratio of each may need to be altered to achieve your best possible growth profile. The overall germination period ranges from 5 to 30 days based on seed type and for best results watering new seed should take place for 30 days. 

insect control

There are a number of ways turf insects can damage your lawn and once they have taken hold, it can be difficult to remove them entirely. As the insects damage plant tissue, using the plants roots as a food source or causing physical damage to their structures, plants must divert their energies to recovery instead of growth. With less growth comes limited resources, which in turn make them more susceptible to further insect damage. As a general rule of thumb if you see patches in your lawn that look out of place or discolored, call the experts at Green Fox. The sooner you can stop an infestation, the easier it will be to control the damage done to your lawn.

Insect Control
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