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Seasonal mosquito control

The nights get longer, but the summers in Canada are short. Make the most of them with a Protective Barrier Spray by Green Fox. Our technicians focus on the critical areas that mosquitos breed and thrive in as well as ensure coverage of the entire perimeter of your property. Our registered vapor removes mosquitos on site and leaves a residual effect that will deter mosquitos between treatments while remaining safe for children and pets.   

Seasonal Mosquito Control


Mosquito Control

Residual and seasonal mosquito control is a multi-treatment process to keep families and yards safe from mosquitos. Using an integrated environmentally cautious approach can lead to variances in residual effectiveness between treatments. Are you planning a wedding, fundraiser, company or organization picnic or no holds barred couples only backyard games tournament? You can trust Green Fox to "save the date" on your big day and tell mosquitos their invitations were lost in the mail.

Event Mosquito Control


mosquito control

A safe but synthetic pesticide is used in our barrier protection programs, however, there are entirely organic options available. Using a garlic base active ingredient, our natural option is a repellent only and will not kill mosquitos even when coming into direct contact with them. If your property has an abnormally high amount of mosquitos, synthetics are typically more effective however pure repellents also reduce the amount of mosquitos on your property.

Organic Mosquito Contrl

tick control

Using the same equipment used in control the mosquitos on your property, Green Fox is also able to protect your property from Ticks. Removing a burrowed tick is a sure fire way to dampen any summer day and as carriers of the vector borne Lyme Disease, can be a much more serious problem than a bite mark. Tick populations are rising across Ontario and the rest of Canada and moving closer to Urban populations every summer. Protect yourself, your family and your pets with Green Fox. Organic options also available! ​

Tick Control
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